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Fibers Of FaithCindy McNutt-Kaestner
Mixed Media Fiber Artist

Multi-Media Fiber Art
 In which
Art, Spirituality, and Holistic Healing
 Interconnect and Thrive!

Excitement is growing about my newest multi-media fiber art piece honoring our President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their children Malia and Sasha. You are invited to include your personal prayers, good wishes, and/or healing thoughts in an art piece that I, Cindy McNutt-Kaestner, am currently creating. To find out more, click on the yellow box to find out how to be a part of such an important world-wide piece of art.

I am committed to being a “Green” artist – I use at least one recycled item in each art piece I create. That assures you that when you invest in my art, you are doing your part to create a small “footprint” on our world.

“Gratitude” is infused into each of my art pieces – literally as well as figuratively. Yes, the word is literally sewn or written on each piece, but also, gratitude is expressed by my donating a percentage of each sale to charitable organizations that promote holistic healing in our world community. So, as I cherish the grace that gave me my talents and pass along the blessings, so you too participate in passing on the gifts as you support my art. Together we transfer gifts for the universe to enjoy, sustain, and enlighten; and in so doing, allow others to embrace the healing power of art.

Cindy McNutt-Kaestner