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"I'm Not At This Address!"
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Fibers Of FaithCindy McNutt-Kaestner
Mixed Media Fiber Artist

"Iím Not At This Address"
A Memoir
of Lewy Body Dementia

During the time I was the primary care giver for my mom (who had Lewy Body Dementia Ė which is a form of alzheimerís), I journaled my questions, confusion, laughter, blessings, anger, dreams, horrors, frustrations, joys and hopes. Writing gave me clarity, peace, an outlet to vent, and it helped retain what little bit of sanity I had left.

In spite of the nastiness of the disease, the Lewy Body Dementia journey offered quite a few blessings Ė as well as quite a few laughs. I would like to share those glimpses of my time with mom, in the memoir that resulted from my journaling.

My intent is to offer my book, Iím Not At This Address for publication in the near future. My prayer is that other folks on a similar journey will find comfort, solace, humor, and meaning within the pages I wrote.

As you might have guessed, I illustrated the book with my art quilts.  In this section I share some of my art that will be shown in my memoir.

Today, Sunday May 11, 2008 (Motherís Day!) I offer this section in loving memory of my mom, Audaleen Hollis Harris McNutt.


"The Wisdom of Brooke"
             57"w x 43"h
             Photos printed on fabric, commercial "theme" fabric,
                   Pigma pen, thread, Stitch-N-Shape, batting
             Private collection (Contact me for commissioned
                   art quilt portraits)


                                                                                      "I'm Not At This Address!"
                                                                                   50"w x 40"h
                                                                                              Photos printed on fabric, hand-marbled fabric,
                                                                                                  commercial fabric, jewelry, leather strips,
                                                                                                   antique embroidered pillow cases, Pigma
                                                                                                   pen, Stitch-N-Shape, Steam-A-Seam,
                                                                                                   thread, batting. Burning utensil used to
                                                                                                   burn fabric
                                                                                               Private collection  (Contact me for commissioned
                                                                                                     art quilt portraits)